Your duties/responsibilities shall be all duties/responsibilities ordinarily expected of a Web Developer such as but not limited to,

i.     Improving system quality by identifying issues and common patterns, and developing standard operating procedures

ii.   Enhancing applications by identifying opportunities for improvement, making recommendations and designing and implementing systems

iii.  Maintaining and improving existing codebases and peer review code changes

iv.  Liaising with colleagues to implement technical designs

v.    Investigating and using new technologies where relevant

vi.  Providing written knowledge transfer material

vii. Creating website designs

viii. Developing skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages such as but not limited to, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular and Javascript.

ix.  Digital retouching and image editing.

x.    Keeping up to date with recent technological and software developments.

xi.  Creating products that are user-friendly, effective and appealing.

xii. Creating Prototyping Designs.

xiii. Assisting in administration work.

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