Kenneth Gbagi was a former naijan Minister of State for Education. He is currently nursing the ambition reportedly of becoming the Governor od Delta State under the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He is said to be the proprietor of Signatious Hotel in the oil city of Warri.

That hotel could have been built with stolen funds if the sordid looting history of the naijan political elite is considered pessimistically.

The politician of fortune reminds one of Dino Melaye and Commissioner Abdulmumuni Danga (both from Kogi state) in terms of eccentricity and megalomania. Even though naija has been described uncharitably by pessimists and skeptics as a failed state, a large open ‘zoo’ there are certain conducts by public officials that must not be condoned or accepted for whatever reason.

Ex-Minister Gbagi was in the news online recently for a repulsive show of shame he personally supervised inside his hotel. According to trending news online (photos and video in tow) Gbagi was said to have accused four of his workers of stealing some thousands of Naira.

SOC Okenwa

With the mobile policemen he was using and abusing as glorified bodyguards providing lethal intimidating cover Gbagi ordered Precious Achibong, Victor Ephraim, Gloria Oguzie, and Roselyn Okiemute to undress themselves! And someone took their semi-naked photographs and videos and posted them online! They were later detained at the Ebrumede Police Station. 

A married woman was said to be among those forced to strip themselves to the pants leaving their sagging or sagged boobs dangling obscenely for Gbagi and his gang to ‘enjoy’. The only man among the ‘thieves’ had his penis almost popping out of his pant as the ladies used their hands to cover up their mammary glands.

If Rocco Siffredi were to have been invited as a special guest in this lewd incident he would have not hesitated to advocate for a blue film made in ‘Naija’ to be shot featuring the three ladies. Kenneth Gbagi would be the executive producer while Siffredi, a professional porn artist of global fame, would be the principal actor. And in this metaphorical context Rocco, the hardcore champion, like a voracious lion on a fragile gazelle, would have ‘devoured’ the trio sexually, asking for more!

According to the version narrated by the persecuted oppressed staff one of their clients, happy and satisfied with their hospitable services, had given them one hundred and fifty thousand Naira as a parting gift. But on getting hint of the free donation Gbagi was said to be livid accusing the workers of ‘stealing’ his money! He summoned them and organized the show of shame that had gone around the world. 

The four staff were charged before a magistrate court sitting in Effurun after four days of detention. They were granted bail after the intervention of some anti-corruption and human rights activists who decided to take up the matter. In a five-count charge, the police accused the suspects of conniving among themselves to steal monies ranging from N156,000, N110,000, N5,000 and N2,000 owned by Signatious Hotel. 

Gbagi, animated by sheer wickedness, had withdrawn all the monies found in the bank acounts of his victims taking more than what was alleged to have been stolen and thereby making more money for himself. Gbagi demonstrated unqualifiable irresponsibility in this matter; in fact it was provocative and revolting! He must be made to pay judicially for his executive banditry and high-handedness.

For purposes of emphasis we must state here going forward that It is absolutely normal for a benevolent client to appreciate a hotel staff for the quality service he could have been rendered during a stay. So it cannot be considered a ‘crime’ for accepting such tips. It is left for the employer(s) to report the gift to the management or not.

Gbagi exhibited the notorious naijan syndrome of big-manism manifesting its ugly face in complete disdain towards the subordinates or the downtrodden. Even if the staff had stolen his money must he force them to strip nearly naked? The police and the courts are no longer there to treat issues of such nature?

Concerned Delta residents had taken to the streets in Warri and Asaba to protest the Gbagi oppression accusing him of dehumanization and describing him as a serial violator of human rights especially of females working for him. By acting as the lord of the Manor by taking the laws criminally into his hands we call on the authorities in both Delta state and the federal government to arrest and prosecute Kenneth Gbagi without much delay.

Fortunately news had filtered in that the four disgraced workers had issued a 5-day ultimatum to their tormentor to pay a hefty compensation or meet them in court. They are demanding N1bn (one billion Naira!) compensation and public apology from the former Minister. The victims’ legal team is led by Kunle Edun of Tri-Lex Partners law firm.

The four ‘slaves’ must proceed to court in the event that Gbagi failed to meet or satisfy their condition or demand. Before the law of the land under which we all are subject Gbagi is nobody. His animalistic behaviour must not be allowed to go unanswered or unpunished. Since he had displayed his bestial side there should be no pity in hell!

The Inspector-General of the Police had weighed in by saying that investigations are on-going in both Delta state and at the federal level to get to the root of the show of shame in Warri. But for now Gbagi ought to be arrested and detained pending the outcome of the probe.

Unless Gbagi thinks that he lives in animal kingdom there is no law in the land that permits him to treat his staff that humiliating way and manner.

It is indeed surprising that a gubernatorial aspirant could descend this low. So if by chance Gbagi wins the Delta state governorship (God forbids!) then a wild animal that should have been better inside a cage would have been unleashed on poor Deltans?

The Delta people should count themselves lucky that Gbagi has been exposed for what he truly is: a serial abuser and megalomaniac.

Justice must be made to prevail in this disgusting matter.

SOC Okenwa



Original Author

Ozodinukwe Okenwa

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