About a month ago, we sent our boy who just turned 18 years old to ICC Cyber Café at Ajah to check on the status of his Post UMT if the form was out. We gave him N5, 000 for the form payment.

He took Okada from Kekere Bus Stop at Ajah. He was picked up from the Okada that he was riding by SARS. The SARS seized his iPhone that we gave to him for the celebration of his birthday. They searched it and found that he had about N76k in his account. This was the beginning of “Wahala”. The N76k was earned by him through working for Jumia as a Dispatch Rider. He was working to save for his school.

They questioned him and kidnapped him by taking him to a bush by Abraham Adesanya. My boy said that the SARS asked him to call us to deposit the sum of N500k otherwise; they will take him to EFCC. After undue pressure they decided to settle for the N80k (The cash on him plus his account balance of N76k).

Now the new twist to the case was my son didn’t have ATM card to this account. We intentionally, didn’t give him one to be able to control his spontaneous spending. Now the SARS drove him to GT Bank by Ilaje to go and withdraw physical cash which he did. We made our son pay for his stupidity because he could easily alert the Bank Manager of his plight. His excuse was that they were in possession of his phone.

We called all the people that we know that can help; they all concluded that there is NOTHING that they can do because our son gave them cash. I am wondering if GT Bank monitors its bank surrounding with CCTV maybe this can pick up these thugs when they were waiting for my boy to return with their loots. The sad part is since the incident we don’t let the boy go out by himself.

The question is what do you teach your son as regards to security men on the street? He has developed the horrible notion that all security men are thieves. naija is becoming a lawless country where the government empowers some group of people to harass, detain and rob people without the fear of been cut. I am still burning with anger over this issue.



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Damilola J.

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