One lesson from the soccer parlance is widening the passes when the opposing team is too defensive and deadly in tackles. Every efforts at beating the crude opponents must be wide, creative, and disciplined.

Crude teams lack these techniques but believe in choking and shock attacks: a complete trait of the current rulers as their stings of repressions are crude and brute.

The IG came on air to declare war on protests; on fundamental human rights that actually brought in the Buhari regime. The IGP Adamu declarations of war and the Army’s affidavit of lies at the Lagos Judicial Panel show that the regime is out defend it’s class, by every wicked card. 

So, while we have the army of youths and workers enough time to recoup under an economy of self help for the millions, organizers and mobilizers need to widen the bases of protests as well as the barricades.

Already in Lagos for the last five days of the Great #EndSARS Revolt, about 1,123 barricades were mounted with about 500 Rallying points. So, what is needed is for us to now publicly and openly expand the frontiers of the protests and care massively for it’s quality and sustenance, even if constantly periodically. 

We have expanded the Demands already while we have also started the intellectual political engagements. We must transform all these concretely by getting our Street propaganda to work.

The #RevolutionNow FactSheet becomes expedient here. 

In all, this phase of the struggle should be tagged, as suggested by comrades at an informal meeting this morning and also in phone chats with GK and other Comrades, as #WoroSiWoro; #StreetToStreet Mass mobilizations and Protests for #EndBadGovernance #EndPoliceBrutality #RevolutionNow!





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Kunle Ogba

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